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Design and production of precision rubber plastic and thermoplastic dies

Dies manufacture

Tecnistamp uses the best steels and alloys to manufacture its dies for rubber, plastics and thermoplastics; this ensures maximum yield when molding. The quality of the materials used for the dies is also reflected in the quality of the final product.

Dies and services

A key feature of our company over the years has been the ability to find the ideal solution for the most complex situations in dies manufacture.

Tecnistamp specializes in manufacturing dies based on diverse drawing details with complex geometries and very narrow tolerances.

Research and innovation

On the international market since 1982, Tecnistamp boasts a wide range of collaborations that have greatly improved our rubber and thermoplastics processing know-how.

For example, our relationships with suppliers of raw materials have enabled a constant drive towards innovation and increasingly better materials.

Product types

Tecnistamp works for different sectors of the market, and in general for all those companies that use elements made of rubber, plastics and thermoplastics.

We design and manufacture dies to create different types of objects such as bellows, frames, membranes, butt caps, fittings profiles, plugs, chocks, suction cups, sleeves, hoses, washers, rubber-metal, rubber-plastics.

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