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Dies for rubber, plastics and thermoplastics

Tecnistamp boasts a high expertise in manufacturing dies for rubber materials. In recent years, we have developed new skills in the area of plastics and thermoplastics, thus being able to offer a wider range of solutions to our customers. Below we list the types of dies that make Tecnistamp strongly competitive.

Dies for rubber

Tecnistamp got its start and grew in the rubber valley. Several decades of die manufacturing experience along with continually evolving manufacturing technologies have enabled ┬áTecnistamp to develop a unique expertise in this field. This accumulated experience leads to today’s high-performance, with potential for reaching zero burr and minimum waste, a goal that everyone in this sector strives for.

Automatic dies

(Manifold solutions, with or without the aid of piece extraction systems)

One of the most important costs in most countries is the cost of labor, therefore, a fully automated piece molding system could be the solution to the demand for a high quantity of items. Glimpsing for each job the possibility of making the entire system automated is by now in our company’s DNA; this is done to provide our customers with a die that can work through whole production cycles without operator help.

Prototypes for dies

Being aware of the production speed the world market requires, Tecnistamp offers its customers the option of having 1- or 2-cavity die prototypes in a very short time.

Dies for thermoplastic items

Tecnistamp’s connections with some of the best known brands in the automotive industry has led us to explore the thermoplastics sector. For some years now, our company has been specializing in the manufacturing of dies for the following types of thermoplastics: TPE, TPO, PP, PP/PS, TPU, SEBS, PVC, PA, reinforced GF, reinforced TA. As a result, we currently observe remarkable satisfaction on the part of insiders.

Dies for items with two components, rubber-metal, plastics-rubber, plastics-metal

Tecnistamp can also manufacture dies for items with two components. For these types of very complex looking items, our company is again committed to supplying its customers with the fastest, most suitable and practical solution, most of the times also offering automatic insert loading tools.

Dies for rubber, plastics and thermoplastics. The technology and finishings of Tecnistamp dies are able to manufacture any kind of object using these molding materials.

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