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A wide range of services available to our customers

Within the die production cycle, Tecnistamp provides additional services such as the following:

  • heat treatment and galvanizing;
  • photogravure;
  • chrome plating;
  • laser engraving;
  • laser welding;
  • certification of materials;
  • dimensional certification of the die;
  • sampling cycles;
  • rapid prototyping of the final product using 3D printer;
  • die test;
  • moldflow simulation study.

We can guarantee to our customers that our dies will work thanks to our sampling cycle service, for example. This service guarantees the quality of the final object without any need for the customer to have additional work done.

In addition, Tecnistamp is always at the customer’s side, making sure dies are quickly modified or restored were a change to occur during the manufacturing process or an accident during molding.

A wide range of services completes the Tecnistamp dies, making them even better and unique.

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