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Product types for which we manufacture dies

Tecnistamp works for different sectors of the market, and in general for all those companies that use elements made ​​of rubber, plastics and thermoplastics. We design and manufacture dies to create different types of objects such as bellows, frames, membranes, butt caps, fittings profiles, plugs, chocks, suction cups, sleeves, hoses, washers, rubber-metal, rubber-plastics.

Our company specializes in designing dies from square one for any kind of object made of rubber, plastics and thermoplastics. Tecnistamp manufactures dies for automotive, appliances, electronics, housewares, power tools, furniture and design, railway and medical industry items.

Our customers are all those businesses with the need to design and manufacture precision dies for artifacts made ​​of rubber, plastics and/or thermoplastics.

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