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The process of designing and manufacturing dies

The technical department deals with the designing and manufacturing process of molds by following the project throughout all its phases; from the initial estimate to the product analysis and right up to the creation of the final mold.
Carefully following all the processing stages in making a mold is fundamental to the success of the final product.

To begin with, the technical staff prepare a preliminary analysis of the product to be made based on the number of products to be molded, the type of material and the delivery time. The project manager, who is assigned a contract, is responsible for the project and follows it up to the final testing phase: this allows you to have a specific person you can refer to in charge of each contract, and to which all Tecnistamp staff refers to. Finally, the accuracy in calculating the logistics, the processing steps and the design and manufacturing timing, ensures prompt delivery time to the customer.

Only a manufacturing process tested and monitored at each step can lead to the creation of highly competitive dies on the international market.

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