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Designing custom dies

Tecnistamp deals with the design of custom dies. Side by side with our customers, we design ad hoc dies for the products to industrialize, based on the molding systems and the type of material used. Thanks to our experience and constant collaboration with our customers, we offer the best solutions for dies design by considering the types of compounds used, the number of parts to be produced, and the issues concerning piece separation and extraction and dies handling.

We use a CAD system that can handle IGS, STP, VDA, Prt, CATPart, ASM, SLDPRT, x_t, Dwg, and Dxf files, i.e., all the formats from the most popular CAD systems.

Much attention is paid to the automation of the dies. Knowing our customers’ needs to minimize production times and mix waste, our first objective is always researching the most suitable automation for the project.

Our technical department has the opportunity to assess along with the customer any changes to the geometry of an item, apply these changes to the mathematical model and make that available in any CAD format. For example, if requested by the customer, as part of the design process we offer a filling study (mold flow) that is suitable to control proper mixture flow, the right injection point and the possible deformations the item might undergo in the process of molding.

Our technical department staff has the practical experience gained from years spent in the workshop. This enables our designers to identify the best die configuration to optimize quality and reduce machining time.

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