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R&D and technologies used

On the international market since 1982, Tecnistamp boasts a wide range of collaborations that have greatly improved our rubber and thermoplastics processing know-how. For example, our relationships with suppliers of raw materials have enabled a constant drive towards innovation and increasingly better materials.

For example, titanium is currently a new material that we are using to make components that improve our dies’ quality and productivity value.

Our collaboration and constant exchange with the best international press manufacturers enables us to renew annually with ever more efficient die layouts.

Our machines include grinding machines, 3.4 and 5 axis CNC machines like milling machines and lathes and EDM machines for high detail texture on the finished product. EDM is much on demand in the automotive sector due to its performance.

Thanks to the investments and attention devoted to this particular type of manufacturing process, Tecnistamp’s know-how is difficult to beat. In addition, the use of one of the best CAM systems on the market allows us to get the best out of our machinery, thus obtaining results of outstanding quality and high precision.

Periodically, we have refresher courses on systems programming and day seminars with tool producers.

Tecnistamp is a leader in innovation also thanks to its collaboration with AIB (Industrial Association of Brescia), an association that protects businesses, works with them in the early upgrading and innovation stages, supports them in dealing with the international market and ensures high quality on all fronts.

Success depends on research and development. Tecnistamp’s people and technologies have always been on the forefront of innovation.

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