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Steps for manufacturing dies

Tecnistamp uses the best steels and alloys to manufacture its dies for rubber, plastics and thermoplastics; this ensures maximum yield when molding. The quality of the materials used for the dies is also reflected in the quality of the final product.
The die manufacturing process may be broken down into the following 6 steps:

  • the die is designed by our technical staff in collaboration with the customer;
  • the die’s numerical model is sent to the machine tool. Tecnistamp has a wide range of machines, including CNC machines – like 3.4 and 5 axis milling machines and lathes – and EDM machines for the finishing of special details and textures;
  • we start from a rough steel alloy plate formatted according to the die to be manufactured;
  • managed and monitored by its operator and the prime contractor, the machine tool performs all the steps to manufacture the die, with final dimensional control;
  • once made, the die may undergo small finishing processes and treatments for very high refinement and resistance to wear;
  • if the customer so wishes, we will run a final test. Tecnistamp can mold rubber and thermoplastic samples to give the customer the assurance of a high quality finished product.

Tecnistamp searches for the best technological and formal die manufacturing solutions, ensuring that each innovation can benefit the customer in a concrete way.

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